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 The SoulPad Project

Interesting read over on Linux Devices. The Soulpad project aims to allow users to carry their operating system from machine to machine with them on a USB drive or some other form of storage. It's an interesting approach to the problem of mobile computing.

Its my opinion in the long run we are not going to be tied to any PC. However I think its more likely to be Internet applications that drive most of the solution rather than mobile devices. More and more of my tasks are being done through a browser and an online server. You can even do your taxes online with Turbo Tax for the Web.

"After Knoppix mounts the encrypted filesystem and finishes booting, it launches a virtual machine monitor layer that serves as a platform from which the user's chosen operating system (OS) loads. In the SoulPad prototype, this layer is based on VMware Workstation, a commercial software package that virtualizes a PC's hardware resources, allowing multiple OSes to run concurrently. SoulPad users can choose to run Linux, Windows, or other OSes supported by VMware as the OS platform (the "Guest OS") for their application software."
IBM decouples PC souls from bodies

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 22, 2005 )


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