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 How to upgrade a video card

Good overview on how to select a video card, and then how to install it.

"Next is a question of chipsets. The 3-D graphics field has two major camps, ATI and NVIDIA. Both ATI and NVIDIA make a range of GPUs and support chips that they sell to other manufactures to be used in their graphic cards. What can get slightly confusing is that some firms, such as Asus, build both ATI and NVIDIA-based video cards. Unlike NVIDIA, ATI manufactures and sells some video cards under their own names. The question is which is better for a Linux user. As of this writing, ATI cards have a reputation for uneven Linux video driver quality, so, at present I prefer NVIDIA-based cards. Although there are issues associated with installing NVIDIA drivers, which this article will get to, the cards are well supported under Linux."
A Video Card Upgrade HOWTO

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 19, 2005 )


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