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 Review of PiTiVi and GStreamer

"Hervey's goals for PiTiVi have been clear from the beginning. His intention was to create a simple, intuitive, and powerful editor that can be useful for both home and professional needs. Back in 2004, PiTiVi was Hervey's end of studies project, and he spent his time proving that the freedesktop.org-hosted GStreamer framework could handle audio and video editing. Since March 2005, Hervey took PiTiVi from the ground up and identified where he could go with the existing codebase. He decided to convert the application to use Python. PiTiVi currently uses the new GStreamer 0.9 release, which includes many improvements for supporting complex end-user multimedia applications--such as PiTiVi."
Linux for Video Production

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 19, 2005 )


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