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 Graphic algorithm testing with Tcl

Interesting article that describes how to put together a 3D testing environment that can be used with different algorithms.

"Do you need any of these development environments to experiment with game console 3D programming? Certainly not. I am surrounded by computers at work and at home; Macintosh, PC, Sun, and SGI. Despite the differences in hardware and software on all of these systems, they all have a nice little scripting language, Tcl, which is more than capable of stepping up to the task. Using Tcl, you can literally prototype algorithms in the interpreter much in the same way you would prototype an electronics circuit on an experimenter's breadboard. In our case, we're going to assemble a game console to experiment with using Tcl. Pretty cool, huh?"
Build a Simple 3D Pipeline in Tcl

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 17, 2005 )


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