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 Macs for those we love (or at least like)

This is an issue I hit on a regular basis. Not with my friends that are computer geeks. With the exception of one or two holdouts they have all bought Macs. No, the problem is with family, people I know though boats, or church. They are the ones that keep buying Windows even after I tell them they should get a Mac.

I made progress with my Dad last week I put OpenOffice.org on his windows PC. This may not seem like progress but he got MS Office free or close to it with his Windows based laptop, buying it with a iBook was going to cost him $400 bucks. So if I can switch him to OpenOffice, well then I can probably talk him into a Mac.

One of the other problem is the clock speed. I am not sure if any of my non-geek friends really could make themselves believe that the bigger number was not the better number. I told them, but it seemed to be to big a leap for them. With Mac on Intel this problem should go away also.

I know that they would be happier with a Mac and the next time they ask me what to buy I am going to tell them, and perhaps send them a copy of this letter.

"Why? Because it's the software that's the main attraction of the Mac. The operating system really is impressive when compared to Windows - which is not to say it's perfect. Just better than Windows, in my opinion. It's easy to understand and use, and yes, you can learn all the new keyboard commands in a couple of days. I know they feel weird when you're borrowing my machine, but trust me: you can pick them up, and teach your fingers to use them."
A letter to my big brother

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Aug 16, 2005 )


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