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 Apple Rosetta for intel based Macs

This is an editorial about Apple's Rosetta software that will allow the execution of PowerPC code on Intel Macs.

"One of the big unknowns of the Apple Switch that not many people are talking about right now is Rosetta, the translation software that Intel-based Macs will use to run legacy PPC binaries. The main reason that Rosetta hasn't garnered much attention is that there are too many unknowns. Specifically, prior to the release of the first Intel-based Mac it's difficult to assess just what kind of performance Rosetta will yield on the majority of legacy OS X software. Will most legacy PPC apps be usable? mostly usable? barely usable?"
Thinking about Apple's Rosetta in light of Transmeta

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 12, 2005 )


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