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 Game review: Nexuiz

Downloaded Nexuiz and took a look. There is just one zip file to download. The zip file contains the data and six different Linux binaries, a Mac version, and several Windows binaries. Its a multiplayer game and when you start it up you will have the option to start a game or connect to a list of existing games. I did not try the Linux versions, but the Mac version ran smoothly. The review over at Newsforge was somewhat negative about the game. But it looked good to me.

"Nexuiz is free software, so anyone can download, modify, and share it as they see fit. It's put together by volunteer programmers and artists, and for the most part they did a great job on it. The program itself is stable, and it worked on most of the distributions I tested it on. The sound and animation are decent, though not up to modern standards. Playing Nexuiz will give you a Quake 3-like experience in terms of gameplay, graphics, and sound."
Nexuiz: Open source deathmatch

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 11, 2005 )


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