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 What runs Everquest

Many people play or have played Everquest. I put way to much time into it for several years. It's a great game but very little has been written about the hardware behind the game. This article from Spectrum starts with a lot of background information on the game but has a great section where it talks about the servers behind Everquest.

"Once Joffe's team adds a server to the rack, he loads a Unix operating system onto it. Custom-built software then automatically loads all the game software and the programs the new machine uses to communicate with other servers, configures its storage systems, and starts it up. The server is then ready to be added to the cluster that supplies data about a particular world in EverQuest. The entire process of joining the server farm occurs within minutes, Joffe says. As characters populate the virtual locales that the new machine produces, their data are stored there."
Engineering Everquest

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 10, 2005 )


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