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 Review of Apple Mighty Mouse

Yes. You read it correctly its actually a review. By someone who has one. Not more of the press release slightly worked on but an actual review. Short version is they like it and it should be packaged as the default mouse for new Macs.

"The out-of-box experience is about the same as usual for Apple—smallish, simple box with the mouse nested neatly in the center on a bed of foam, awaiting my peeling off of its plastic to be used. The Mighty Mouse is the exact same size as the current Apple Pro Mouse and same shape as well—pill-shaped and rounded. In fact, if not for the scroll ball on top, one might easily mistake it for a white Apple Pro mouse upon first glance. Inside the box is a CD with software for OS X and a small manual."
Apple Mighty Mouse

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 4, 2005 )


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