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 ITunes Mints Podcasting Stars

I love the iTunes podcasting features. I have found that anyone not using them just does not make it onto my iPod. The best part is that I have it configured so that after I listen to a podcast it removes it from my iPod without any additional actions on my part.

"Few podcasters are angered by the inconvenience -- they have, after all, gained hordes of new listeners -- but Apple's rollout had many wishing they had some notice beforehand. Paul Saurini, whose Denver-based Barefoot Radio podcast focuses largely on news items with some white-trash element to them, had to suddenly upgrade his server bandwidth package from $25 a month for 100 GB to a $300-a-month package for 1,200 GB after the new traffic exceeded his limit."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Jul 29, 2005 )


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