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 Knoppix 4.0 review

The latest and greatest version of the king of live Linux distributions, Knoppix, has been released at LinuxTag early this week. DVD based Knoppix version 4.0 includes as much as 4GB of applications, utilities and games. But can it live up to the hype?

Live Linux distributions are extremely useful in different ways: they can be used for demo systems, to test new applications without installing anything on the hard drives, to quickly deploy tens or hundreds of identical workstations for events, as rescue disks, or just to have a “highly portable” workstation by just carrying a CD/DVD and a writable media unit (typically a USB token).

Knoppix has a long and reputable history of making high quality live distributions that almost everything that a user could need. Over the years, Knoppix has been updated and improved, and became the “de facto” standard that other live distributions compare against. This version has not been released for general download (though there are available bittorrents advertised in the Knoppix forums), but for distribution only within LinuxTag.

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 (Submitted by Flavio Villanustre Tue Jul 5, 2005 )


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