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 Staying Connected

"For most people, the meaning of "mobile Internet" ranges from an amusing toy to the Holy Grail of the future of computing. For me, however, it's no more or less than a basic necessity: I live aboard a boat that is anchored out, away from marinas and land-based connections - and when I travel for business, I'm either on the road, at a hotel (which may have one of a wild variety of connection methods - or none), or at a client's site (generally excellent connectivity, but via another wide variety of connection methods.) In some ways, all of the above makes an excellent laboratory for exploring the limits of Linux - in fact, of both computer hardware and software. In this article, I'm going to explore the systems that I have evolved for coping with this wide variety of options over the years; at this point, all my systems work well and smoothly enough that I am able to reliably do the work that is required of me by both my clients and my duties here at the Linux Gazette, and believe that my experience could serve others who find themselves dealing with similar challenges."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 23, 2005 )


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