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 Secure and Private Browsing with Squid

Joe Topjian has written an article about secure and private browsing with Squid:
"Most public areas that allow access to the internet have absolutely no security in place. Need a good eye-opener? Next time you're at a public hotspot, take a copy of the dsniff tools. This article will show you a way to protect yourself from something like this -- in a way. This article will only show you how to protect your web traffic. If you still decide to talk to your CEO over AIM about some ultra-secret product coming out next week while waiting for your next flight, this won't save you. Squid can, of course, proxy requests for other applications besides HTTP, but HTTP is all I'll be covering. Maybe I'll go over other applictions in another article."

 (Submitted by Falko Timme Tue May 24, 2005 )


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