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 Enforcing a Two Man Rule Using Solaris 10 RBAC

"The content and examples below will include references to both normal users and roles. In the Solaris OS, roles are similar to normal user accounts with two important differences. First, a role cannot be accessed directly over the network or from the console. You can only use the su(1M) command (or smc(1M)) to assume a role. In either case, a user must first authenticate to the system as himself before attempting to access a role. Secondly, a role can only be assumed by authorized users. That is, before a given user can assume a role, an administrator must assign that role to the user otherwise attempts to access the role will fail. Both of these restrictions are important for preserving accountability and will factor quite heavily in our implementation of the two man rule in Solaris 10."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Apr 27, 2005 )


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