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 In Depth Review of Apple's iPod shuffle

"The basic navigation of your music could not be easier: you simply change the switch on the back to the sequential or shuffle style of listening and use the volume up (and down) and the next song (and previous song) buttons on the click-wheel-type control pad on the front of the device. A lot of the other functions, though, are hard to access and require your read the cryptic lights on the front and back of the thing (hence the reason Apple includes the reference card, I guess). I have heard some people complain that it's not really a click-wheel because it requires you to push it, instead of just letting your finger glide over it. This is true, but why would you want that one a device without a screen anyway? I like it the way it is."

 (Submitted by Noel Sat Feb 19, 2005 )


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