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 A comparison of Window Managers

There is and will be an everlasting “Gnome vs. KDE” debate. The trend is that developers concentrate building distributions around one of the two. But not everyone wants to use Gnome/KDE, mainly because of having older hardware or not wanting to stick with the traditional panel/menu approach. After all, GNU/Linux is about freedom and choice, and there are several good window managers too choose from and to build a fully customized and lightweight desktop.

I will look at five window managers plus Xfce, considering speed, features, and configurability.

The test system was an old-school Gericom compatible laptop with a 233 MHz Intel Pentium CPU and proud 64 megabytes of RAM, running Vector Linux. On fairly new hardware, you will hardly notice any differences in performance.Read More @ LinuxTimes.net

 (Submitted by LinuxTimes Sat Feb 19, 2005 )


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