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 Reviews: BeatrIX - A Non-Linux Linux

Of all the distros that I have used, Beatrix has got to be one of the most interesting. The title of this article is derived from something I read in the Beatrix Design Goals.

"The goal is very simple: We want to provide as many end-users as possible with an interface that they are familiar enough with to use without or with little aid from instructions.

It is definitely Linux. But that's secondary to the end-user. "

What the Beatrix team has done is think out of the box. They did not sit and say, "Let's make the biggest, baddest Linux distro". They didn't say, "What the world needs is a simple Linux distro". Nope. They started from a simple premise. "Make an OS which lets people actually WORK on their old machines. Make it small, make it simple, make it easy to use." Read More @ Linuxtimes.net

 (Submitted by Editor Thu Feb 3, 2005 )


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