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 FreeBSD System Disk Mirroring

"RAID-1 (mirroring) is a popular approach to protect the system from a harddisk failure. It is either done in hardware or software. The usual hardware solution is to buy a RAID disk controller like the popular 3ware ATA RAID controllers and then not having to deal with any software incompatibilities because the system just sees one large physical disk. The software solution is less expensive and more flexible, but usually makes more trouble during booting. Because an important point in establishing a software RAID-1 for the system disk partitions is whether one can directly boot from the resulting mirror setup without ugly BIOS and/or boot loader tricks. Additionally IMHO it is also important that in case of a major problem with the RAID-1 software driver, one is still able to easily rescue boot from the mirror setup by treating it like a plain disk setup again."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jan 11, 2005 )


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