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 A child-safe SMTP whitelist with Postfix and MySQL

"I get about one hundred pieces of junk mail every day. I don't expect my kids to get that much, but even one piece of unsolicited pornographic mail is too much. I run SpamAssassin on my mail server, so I briefly considered using SA's whitelist feature to help me filter messages. "I could send all whitelisted email to the kids' inboxes and send everything else elsewhere..." I thought to myself. I finally decided that I really don't want the kids to get any mail from anyone I don't know. Filtering after the fact is not solving the problem, it's merely dealing with the symptoms. Not filtering, but outright rejection of unapproved senders was what I wanted. Thankfully, Postfix supports exactly this!"

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Dec 12, 2004 )


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