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 Delicious Library

"Let's start with the actual product name. It's not "MacLibrary X" or anything similarly predictable. The application is called Delicious Library. That sounds...odd. On the other hand, it's also slightly intriguing, maybe even fun. But come on, it's a glorified list of books, movies, music, and games. Surely anyone who's even interested in such a thing already has a text file or Excel spreadsheet or (for the truly industrious) FileMaker database that works just fine, thank you, for tracking media libraries. Heck, I recall videophiles in the heyday of the VCR proudly displaying tightly-printed sheets of paper containing alphabetized lists of their vast VHS collections. Putting this stuff on the computer seems like using a sledgehammer to kill an ant."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Nov 9, 2004 )


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