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 Interview with Hubert Feyrer

"NetBSD-PT: When did you first start to get interested in NetBSD and why ?
Hubert Feyrer: That was in the summer of 1993, when I was doing an internship at the computing center of the University of Regensburg. Back then, I owned an Amiga 2000, and some guys tried to port the Mach microkernel to the Amiga, with mediocre results. One day, Markus Wild from Switzerland popped into the Amiga chat and announced that he had ported NetBSD to the Amiga. I knew about Ultrix and SunOS then, and had a lot of fun getting NetBSD on my Amiga - carrying dozends of floppies, getting a new SCSI controller etc., and I put a lot of time into it, and i grew with it."


 (Submitted by Noel Sun Nov 7, 2004 )


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