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 PHP, MySQL, and CGIWrap on Mac OS X

"This guide (hopefully) will tell you about how to set up a PHP4/php-cgiwrap/MySQL testing server using Mac OSX (10.3.5) based on pair Networks (http://pair.com) FreeBSD server configuration. Of course these notes could be used to set up a testing server for use with another host, just omit pair specific parts. I originally did this using FreeBSD 4.8, then again with Gentoo Linux, and then changed a few things to get it working in OS X. I'll venture to say this setup would be impossible using any version of Windows, due to path configuration and cgiwrap (PHP, Apache, MySQL no problem). Hopefully I have not forgotten any major steps, but if I have let me know."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Nov 3, 2004 )


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