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 Interview with Mupen64 creator

"The only big application I wrote during my free time is Mupen64. I started writing this application after i seen ultrahle working for the first time. I was very amazed by this program but i thought it was very limited and not accurate at all seeing how many problems there was. So, I decided to learn how the Nintendo 64 works and write my own emulator and as I was also starting to use Linux, I wanted it to be portable. Of course, I didn't progress fast during the first months (years?). I wasn't very experienced in C language, and I was learning many things at the same time. Mupen64 developement has been halted several times until I restart it nearly from scratch and released the first version. After that, I got enough experience to progress much more quickly "

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Nov 1, 2004 )


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