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 Custom Postfix Spam Filter

To divert but not loose mail from non-rbl'ed clients that my postfix server can not reverse dns, I wrote the script at http://www.thompsonstidbits.com/dads_stuff/mymailserver/postfix. Most of it is spam that I will never read now :-).

 (Submitted by Fred Scott Thompson Tue Oct 5, 2004 )

  I used to block mail from servers that could not have a successful reverse dns lookup performed upon them and was relatively spam-free. I really was not interested in mail that came from clients who could not be indentified since so many of these are new spammers (or their zombies) who have not yet been enrolled in the rbls that I use. When I tried to go on vacation, I discovered that I had blocked my airline boarding passes so I relaxed my anti-UCE restrictions. Then I started to get spam. And my family started to get spam. And then I got mad and started coding. See the solution that I implemented at http://www.thompsonstidbits.com/dads_stuff/mymailserver/postfix.

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