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 NetBSD 2.0 RC2 tagged

The much anticipated release of NetBSD 2.0 is getting closer and closer! After NetBSD-2.0_RC1 was tagged recently, there have been a few pullups that fix some issues with Linux emulation under NetBSD/i386 as well as some installation problems under some of the ARM-based ports. A second Release Candidate, RC2, was tagged on October 1st. This means that the final release of NetBSD 2.0 will need to be pushed back approximately 1-2 weeks to allow for testing of this Release Candidate.

As usual, binary snapshots will soon be available on the release engineering ftp server -- any problems should be reported using send-pr or the GNATS web frontend.

 (Submitted by Jan Schaumann Tue Oct 5, 2004 )


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