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 ISCSI Storage - SAN's for the rest of us

"I did some investigation on the options available and the one that stood out the most was iSCSI. We have a mixed Linux/NetWare/Windows/AIX/Solaris environment so I needed a solution that would work with everything. Our file servers are all NetWare - NetWare's advanced file permissions don't jive with NAS so something that would appear as a locally attached disk to the server sounded good to me. Of course my Linux machines all have storage management internally and I didn't want to have to teach new management tools. iSCSI supports all of these operating systems. Cisco has released an open-source iSCSI initiator on SourceForge which takes care of the UNIX variants. NetWare and Windows both have vendor support for iSCSI (NetWare 6.5 is recommended)."

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Oct 3, 2004 )


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