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 Interview with Mikael Hallendal of Imendio HB

OSNews features an interview with Mikael Hallendal, founder of Imendio HB. Imendio is the professional face of GTK+ worldwide today, offering Gnome & GTK+ consultancy services, however the company is also well known in the OSS community with their releases of GPL'ed software like the MS Project-alike Planner, DevHelp, the Jabber client Gossip, the music player Jamboree, DrWright & the popular Mono-based RSS reader Blam!. The interview digs on the increase of the industry's interest on Gnome, how GTK# and Mono fit in the Gnome developement world, what's still missing from the platform and how a professional GTK+ developer thinks of Qt.

 (Submitted by Anonymous Wed Sep 29, 2004 )


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