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 Interview with gaim Maintainer Rob Flynn

"LQ) How did you get involved with the gaim project? How does it feel to be the Maintainer of the most active project on SourceForge?
RF) It was November of 1998 and Mark Spencer had just started the project. I had met a girl at the beach that used AIM, and I had no way to talk to her, so, I joined the project to help development. I eventually just took over maintainership. It's a pretty good feeling, and has given me a lot of experience. I still like hearing from the various users of the project, even though the experience can be unpleasent at times. This usually happens from people that feel that I do the work as a paid job and complain when things aren't implemented as quickly as they'd like. "


 (Submitted by Noel Sun Sep 26, 2004 )


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