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 Centralized Log Server with syslog-ng and Stunnel

"As a result, most sites that centralize logging also wind up replacing the stock syslog daemon with something more secure and more flexible such as Metalog, msyslog, or something similar. One very popular syslog replacement is an open source program called syslog-ng. An organization can run syslog-ng on each UNIX host or just on the syslog server itself. If syslog-ng is run only on the log host, clients send data over UDP port 514 as usual, but better log organization and manipulation can be accomplished on the server. The benefit of running syslog-ng on each UNIX host is the ability to encrypt the logging channel with IPSec or the utility Stunnel so that data is not readable by the casual sniffer. "

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Sep 17, 2004 )


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