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 Lars Stetten About Unix Accessibility

"This is more or less the truth for visual impairments, but not those who are blind. In the GNOME project there is the support for visual impairments as part of the applications; Gnopernicus does this well, and supports type-to-speech, the braille line and magnification for screen areas. Harald Fernengel from Trolltech built support at the base on the toolkit Qt 4.0. If these classes are used by the application maintainers, KDE applications based upon Qt 4 will be an enthralling prospect. Because the same API that GNOME uses will be used there will be no difference between a KDE or a GTK application concerning accessibility. With KMouth, KMouseTool and KMagnifier the KDE project has three tools for handicapped. With these tools the audio-visual output is supported and mouse control for people with neuromuscular problems are improved. KMagnifier at last is a screen magnifier."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Sep 15, 2004 )


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