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 Avi Alkalay of Linux Registry Project

"A lot happened in the desktop space: DCOP, XML-RPC, components, widgets, colorfull themes, fonts, etc etc. but nothing evolved in the base OS organization. You can't have a wholly integrated desktop (as a computer for my mother) without evolving the underlying OS. KDE or Gnome don't really deal with plugged webcams, new video cards, etc. And the way you integrate this kind of things today in the system makes use of your human brains and eyes to edit text files like modules.conf or XF86Config. A software can't really write this configurations for you effectively, without a considerable amount of complexity or artificial intelligence :-) It is programatically difficult to parse and change some configuration bit in a human readable configuration file."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 30, 2004 )


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