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 Politics Beyond Platform for Apple CEO?

"Jobs: I don't think we're complacent at all. I think we're really good at this, and we do it under the radar because we don't go out and brag that we don't have as many viruses because we don't want to wave a red flag in front of the bull. But we got criticized on this last one because somebody—this last one was a subtle one where two things came together to form a bigger problem. Somebody had alerted us to the first one in February, and we should have done more with it than we did but we didn't understand the second part of it, and it didn't come along until May, and then we understood it. Some people said we should have understood it in February, but we really understood it in May and it took us a few weeks to get to the bottom of it."

 (Submitted by Noel Fri Aug 27, 2004 )


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