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 KDE 3.3: A Milestone for Linux on the Desktop

"Each KDE release tends to have a few major focal points. KDE 2.0 was a complete rearchitecture and brought us the underlying design that we still have today in KDE, including KParts, network transparency, and Konqueror. KDE 3.0 featured a port to Qt 3.0. KDE 3.1 gave us enhanced browsing support and many new applications, and KDE 3.2 had a focus on HTML rendering improvements, optimizations, and more new applications. KDE 3.3, on the other hand, shows us what can be done when we focus on improving what's already there in KDE. The highlights from KDE 3.3 include more optimizations, a giant leap forward in personal information management (PIM) tools such as KMail, KOrganizer, Kontact, and Kopete, and the closing of 7000 bugs and 2000 wishlist items. This is certainly an important step forward for Linux on the desktop! Let's have a closer look."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Aug 26, 2004 )


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