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 CrossOver Office 3.0.1 review

"Certainly if you've just switched to GNU/Linux, your first option should be to look for a free software program that will do what you need. Probably the most requested applications I've seen on message forums are Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Flash development tools, which don't yet have free software clones or native GNU/Linux editions as of this writing. You can hand-code your HTML and CSS files through editors like Bluefish and Quanta+, but they don't offer the WYSIWYG mode that Dreamweaver is known for, and there's simply no replacement for Macromedia Flash if you want to create rich content for the Web. So you either go without, or you find a way to run these programs on your new operating system through a virtual machine, emulator, or something similar"

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 23, 2004 )


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