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 Opteron 150 vs. Xeon 3.6 Nocona

"First of all, AMD's Opteron 150 is the highest performing AMD workstation CPU money can buy. Thus, it is priced around $600 at time of publication.  (The nearly identical FX-53 is priced slightly higher). Intel's Xeon 3.6GHz / Pentium 4 3.6F processor is the highest performing Intel workstation CPU money can't buy; although it has shown up in various OEM channels, it really has not hit the market in full force yet.  When it does, we are expected to see it retail for $850.  This automatically raises the question as to whether or not these two are directly competing processors.  Since prices in the market fluctuate daily depending on vendor stock with such high end CPUs, we leave that decision up to the reader."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Aug 18, 2004 )


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