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 The Official DOOM 3 Hardware Guide

"At the moment, DOOM 3 will be the closest many of us will ever come to playing the leading man in a big Hollywood movie production. While there will continue to be many more action games in the near future, many of which will provide an enhanced level of realism, DOOM 3 will be the first and likely one of the best you will see. We've played it and we're here to tell you that even if computer gaming is not "your thing," you will want to play DOOM 3, and we have a feeling many people will see it that way. The interactive entertainment experience of DOOM 3 is going to be far reaching and will certainly break the bounds in appealing to those people outside what is considered the average gamer. With the prospect of so many new people being brought into gaming by DOOM 3, there will likely be a lot of questions regarding the computer hardware needed to support it. "

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Aug 2, 2004 )


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