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 Feather Linux Mini Review

"The distribution's website describes Feather Linux as "a Linux distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive and takes up under 64Mb of space. It is a Knoppix remaster and tries to include software which most people would use every day on their desktop." Knoppix is a live-CD distribution based on Debian. Currently, Feather Linux is at version 0.5.4 and includes the following applications, among others: Kernel 2.4.26, Dillo web browser (patched for frames and tabs), XMMS and plugins, wavplay, mpg321, ogg123 and other Ogg Vorbis tools, Sylpheed, axyFTP, cdrecord, mkisofs, rdesktop, parted, partimage, Midnight Commander, Samba, apsfilter, mplayer, mount.app, nano, Xpdf, hdparm, usbview, cdparanoia, iptables, LinNeighborhood, VNCviewer, DHCP client, NTFS resize support, and various standard console and system tools."

 (Submitted by Noel Sun Aug 1, 2004 )


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