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 Network Management App Adds Power to OS X

"Sustainable Softworks' IPNetMonitorX 1.4 is an all-purpose tool for troubleshooting network connections. Built primarily for network administrators and power users, it provides a wealth of information about how your computer connects to the outside world. Many of IPNetMonitorX's 17 tools are freely available as part of OS X, and you can access them via Terminal or the Network Utility application. So why would you pay for IPNetMonitorX? Because it does a fine job of unifying these tools within a consistent user interface. It also offers capabilities that the free tools don't. And IPNetMonitorX augments existing OS X tools. OS X's Traceroute tool allows only one type of trace, UDP; IPNetMonitorX adds two more types -- ICMP and Record Route, which give you the flexibility necessary to get through firewalls. OS X's version of the Port Scan tool lets you conduct only TCP scans, but IPNetMonitorX lets you conduct TCP and UDP scans."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 26, 2004 )


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