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 Mobile AirDesk

"The device is called the Mobile AirDesk (to distinguish it from the same company's home products, which do a similar job but with different heights in mind). And while it's not quite as slick as a custom in-car computer, the Mobile AirDesk does what none of my previous improvised laptop platforms could; it allows the laptop to swing into a reasonable position for typing, and keeps it safe (fingers crossed) from anywhere I'm likely to spill a drink while driving, without the need to completely re-stow the computer. It does this by crouching on the passenger seat, and affording enough swivel action to give perfectly adequate keyboard access from the driver's seat when necessary. When not in use, the entire laptop tray can just be rotated next to the passenger seat. "

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 19, 2004 )


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