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 Cedega Review: Play Games on Linux

"Nowadays, the -only- game installed on the XP partition is City of Heroes. I have some games in Linux, but mostly first person shooters (thanks iD and Epic). The XP install is a bare, firewalled install with a City of Heroes icon in the center of the desktop. It's basically an impossibility to do anything long term (torrents, other downloads, maintain conversations via AIM, IRC, play music) if I want to play this (incredibly addicting) game. So I reboot, then reboot back. I'm sure many of you Linux gamers out there feel my pain. Plus, I run a dual monitor setup, so it'd be nice if I could have CoH running on one monitor and a slew of other (Linux) apps on the other. Unfortunately, City of Heroes only runs in Windows. Then I saw the announcement of Cedega, and the support for City of Heroes. "

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jul 12, 2004 )


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