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 Rich Wareham of Desktop Manager

"As a quick primer, virtual desktops are a way of organizing open windows on your screen instead of constantly hiding or minimizing windows or applications. You might have one virtual screen for emailing, one for web browsing, and another for your design application. Switching between them usually involves either a key combination or a graphical pager which holds icons representing open windows. That's a really lousy way of explaining something that will become obvious once you've downloaded it and tried it, so I'd encourage you to do so. Just about every *nix desktop comes with them, so switchers from that side of the fence often lament on their absence in Apples' OSX. There are other virtual desktop solutions for OSX, but Desktop Manager has garnered much praise for being high-quality, free, and open source. It hasn't won any awards that I'm aware of, but it sure as hell gets the coveted DrunkenBlog Seal of Approval."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Jul 7, 2004 )


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