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 Too Late to Save CEOs?

I know this won't be popular, but somebody has to say it. I was reading an editorial by Charles Cooper at CNET, and I must say that I take issue with what he is asserting. First of all, the American workers are not to blame. What Mr. Cooper and and his counterpart in the interview fail to remember is that they are living in America, not some foreign country. They are enjoying the fruits of our labors and our freedoms, not the protection and tax environment of some foreign country. They are enjoying the protection of the United States government, its armed forces, and its infrastructure, not some foreign nation.

 (Submitted by Chuck Talk Mon Jun 21, 2004 )

  What Charles and Mr. Barrett both seem to forget is that this nation is filled with millions of people who are not buying the line that the education system is broken down. These are educated people who are finding it hard to find work. It isn't that they are not competitive they are. It isn't that they are not good workers they are. It isn't that they can't do the work they can. The real trouble lies with the greed that has driven the disparity between the salaries of CEOs and the average worker so wide that you could drive the sixth fleet between the two and never come close to hitting the sides of that gulf.

Let's be honest about some other things while we are at it as well. The CEOs who have been stealing (yes, STEALING) money from the American public in scandals such as Enron, Tyco, Global Crossing, and many others are NOT being punished suficiently. The money they took from the public is not being returned. They live lavishly from their ill-gotten booty, while the rest of us are told the lie that we are insuffuicently educated to be able to handle our own jobs.

Let's be honest again: we could hire CEOs from overseas much cheaper than we hire the CEOs we have in America today, so why don't we see those jobs going overseas? The rate at which CEO pay has outstripped all other American workers has risen so sharply that the cost of maintaining CEOs has far outpaced the cost of maintaining the average American worker. Yet the CEOs do not wish to discuss this fact. No "don't look at that see my distraction" seems to be the prevailing attitude.

If we were to factor in the correct prevailing cost factors the rate at which salaries have risen, the rate at which bonuses were being doled out during poor financial performance, the rate at which the salaries expanded during an economic downturn, we would see that the average American worker has cost the companies far less than the million-dollar bonus babies who weave themselves golden separation parachutes even when they preside over the worst of financial performance for a company.

Their jobs are self-fulfilling prophecies they can write their own tickets, take all the cash out of a company and pocket it, and yet no one dares to speak the truth. I may be ending my career for having the guts to speak out, but if not me, who else will? Every truth comes at a price, every stand for freedom costs, and no good deed ever goes unpunished. I ought to know I have seen it in practice in my life.

Does that mean that you should roll over and die? No, it does not. If you do, then you are allowing yourself to become a victim.

What they don't want the American worker to realize is that there are millions more of us than there are of them. We have the power to change their behavior at the ballot box. If they don't like us, believe we are too costly then we can and must change the current climate.

I hate to say it, but right now, being a CEO is a ticket to being able to take all the money you want, not listen to stockholders, insult the public at large, and get away with just about anything you want. The fawning media seems to be willing to lap up the bulldung and feed at the trough of disinformation.

If you want to save IT, take it out of the hands of those who do not appreciate what it takes to make things run. Take it back from those who only see the short-term views of their bank accounts and put it back into the hands of men who are capable of conducting long-term business that sustains and grow the value of a company. That is the real solution.

As far as hiring foreign workers I have no problem with that. Just remember to move your company, family and all of your business overseas and stop freeloading on top of the American public. When you don't have employees in this nation contributing their salaries back to our economy guess what? No one will buy your products here.

The next time someone says that the American worker is unfit, ask them if they feel they would move overseas lock, stock and barrel. I doubt they would be willing to do so, for they benefit far too much from our infrastructure and freedoms. They freeload on top of the American workers backs by obtaining special tax breaks and then don't contribute back to their nation. When they pick up and move overseas, I will believe they mean what they say. Until then, I know it's just grandstanding and distraction.

That is my opinion, and it is free speech. Since I am an American citizen, it is guaranteed to me by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It may not make me popular and it may make some nervous, but it is the truth.

I wouldn't give a damn about anyone that thought that being a sheep in the face of such challenges was the best course of action. This is not the "land of the sheep, home of the cowardly" but instead the "land of the free, the home of the brave."

Now just how is that un-American, bubba?

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