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 Mondo Rescue LiveCD backup: a nugget of gold

"I received an email a few weeks ago following a column I wrote on backups. The reader said, "I'm looking for a way to back up (preferably image) my current Fedora install to CD-RW. Ideally, I guess what I'm looking for is 'bare-metal' disaster recovery -- i.e., boot up from CD, enter some command(s) and have my (mostly!) working Fedora install re-imaged back to my HD." I didn't, but I suspected I could find a LiveCD for this purpose. Sure enough, Mondo Rescue does everything the man asked for. The only drawback -- if there is one -- is that it's more geared for advanced users or system admins that it is for noobies."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu Jun 17, 2004 )


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