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 Create your own Honeywall with a bootable CDROM

"The key element of any Honeynet is the gateway, this is what seperates the Honeynet victims. from the rest of the world. The gateway acts as a wall, in fact we call the gateway a Honeywall. All traffic entering or leaving the Honeynet must go through this Honeywall. This becomes your command and control center for the Honeynet, all the magic happens here. You can see an example of our proposed Honeynet architecture in Figure A. In this example, our gateway is a layer two bridge. A layer three routing gateway can be used, but a bridge is preferred, as it is harder to detect. In our diagram, our Honeynet is deployed on an internal network. In the past, most Honeynets have traditionally been deployed on external or perimiter networks."

 (Submitted by Noel Mon Jun 14, 2004 )


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