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 Linux is Changing the Face of Education in Africa

"Apart from the thin-client labs which is the area I am most heavily involved in, there are numerous other projects currently running. The OSSMS project as well as the schooltool project at schooltool.org are working on creating viable school administration software. Currently both are in advanced, stable and usable states. In South-Africa the CSIR also has a number of FOSS education projects under way. Simply put there is a revolution under way in Africa, education is being revamped and taken to new levels. FOSS, and especially Linux is a key part of this. Will it be successful? Will Africa move out of it's legacy of poverty, disease, corruption and war? Perhaps not, it probably takes a lot more than any given type of software to achieve a social revolution on that scale, but it is not unattainable, and education is a key factor in uplifting any society, and FOSS is changing the face of education in Africa for the better."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 8, 2004 )


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