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 The Team Cymru Darknet Project

"A Darknet is a portion of routed, allocated IP space in which no active services or servers reside. These are "dark" because there is, seemingly, nothing within these networks. A Darknet does in fact include at least one server, designed as a packet vacuum. This server gathers the packets and flows that enter the Darknet, useful for real-time analysis or post-event network forensics. Any packet that enters a Darknet is by its presence aberrant. No legitimate packets should be sent to a Darknet. Such packets may have arrived by mistake or misconfiguration, but the majority of such packets are sent by malware. This malware, actively scanning for vulnerable devices, will send packets into the Darknet, and this is exactly what we want."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 8, 2004 )


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