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 Play Donkey Kong, go to jail?

"LiveCDs -- distributions that allow you to boot a Linux system without installing software on a PC's hard drive -- are popping up faster than Windows security alerts. Riding on the phenomenal success and popularity of Knoppix, LiveCDs for specialized use are available for everything from MythTV to MAME. No, not Auntie Mame, MAME as in Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, which lets you do important things like play Donkey Kong. Believe it or not, there are several LiveCDs focused on the MAME-niche itch. Here's a look at the arcade/system emulator movement and two LiveCDs designed to put you in touch with your inner Donkey Kong: KnoppixMAME and AdvanceCD. I'm happy with game play under both. I only wish I knew more about the legality of using them."

 (Submitted by Noel Wed Jun 2, 2004 )


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