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  VME-Linux Diskless System on Motorola MVME24xx

"VME-PPC-Linux architecture, use the new Motorola CPU (MVME2434) on the VME and is integrated in a distributed and autonomously enviroment connected by a local area network at 100 Mbps; the client side is running on VME crates, while the server side on PC-Linux workstations. This emphasizes the efforts of just one particular way of accessing the VMEbus from a Linux system; Our way requires the Tundra Universe PCI/VME bridge device which will not work with many VME processor boards. Our Tundra Universe driver has been programmated by Gabriel Paubert and it is located on this ftp site. His emphasis is having a driver that will allow writing kernel modules for specific devices in the VME cage."

 (Submitted by Noel Tue Jun 1, 2004 )


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