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 Sharp Zaurus SL-6000L Linux PDA

"The Sharp Zaurus SL-6000, like all Zaurus SL models, runs Linux. The SL-6000's OS is comprised of Metrowerks OpenPDA version 1.0, Qtopia for OpenPDA v. 1.5.4 (compiled by Trolltech), and a Linux embedix kernel (version 2.4.18-rm7-pxa3-embedix) compiled by Sharp. It also comes with a Java virtual machine ( Personal Java and J2ME from Sun). This is identical to the Zaurus C860. The SL-6000 adds the excellent Opera 7.25 to the mix, while prior US models had an older and less impressive version of Opera, and the C7xx/C860 have the NetFront browser."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu May 27, 2004 )


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