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 How Linux Saved My Files and My Job

"I've been a Linux user since about 1997 and a FreeBSD user for the last couple of years, but I had never tried any of the floppy-based distros. I looked around and quickly came across a floppy distro called BG-Rescue Linux. This seemed to be a pretty capable little distro, specifically aimed at disaster recovery. The current version of BG-Rescue Linux is 0.3.1, which is compiled with kernel version 2.4.24, and it supported a host of Ethernet devices--it even had USB and PCMCIA network device support. A host of command-line utilities are provided by BusyBox, and BG-Rescue Linux uses the uClibC C library. What really made my eyes light up was the inclusion of NTFS support."

 (Submitted by Noel Thu May 27, 2004 )


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